I have wanted to make this project for a long time, but for different reasons I would not have done it. I consider it an interesting project for several reasons:

economic (we will use pallet wood)
original (when using pallet wood)
practical (photo frames are very used decorative elements)
simple (it is not complicated to perform)
And the time has come to make our own photo frame with wooden pallets, it is a project that is not only easy, fast and economical to do, but also, we will get an original frame for our photos, drawings … Decorating our home like this , and giving a different touch, at the same time original.

In my case, I have made a drawing that my son has made of his feet, hands and his name. The measurements of the folio where the drawing was made is 42 x 29.7 cm, therefore it is an A3 dina.



How to make a frame for photos with pallets.
Important note: we must use all the necessary protection measures to make the frame for photos with wooden pallets, such as gloves, ear protectors, glasses …

1. We start with an image, drawing, photo … In my case and to give you an idea, the measurements of the drawing I’m going to make the frame is 42 x 29.7 cm.

Next, we will use the back of the drawing, cardboard or cardboard. In my case and to facilitate the work, I used cardboard that I cut with a cutter to the same extent as the drawing. That is, 42 x 29.7 cms.

2. From the measurements of the drawing, we will remove the measurements for the wooden frame of pallets.

3. The wood of pallets that I have used has a width of 7.5 cms, it has seemed too much to me, reason why I have decided to reduce it to 5 cms. For this I used a cutting table.



Since recycling is the main theme of our page, we want to go back to it. This time we bring you a curious idea to make a totally eco-friendly and beautiful photo frame. It will be a very nice decoration for your room.

Do not be afraid to use the branches of your yard. Real twigs will give your frame a much more natural look than those bought in a craft store, so if you have a garden, you can pick up dead and dried branches to turn them into this beautiful detail.

First of all, remove the glass from the frame and paint it with the paint. It would be best if you used a brown one. Let it dry for an hour.

Meanwhile prepare the tree branches. Cut them to the right size.

Keep adding the twigs little by little until all are attached to the base.

As you continue to build your frame, place the twigs that are smaller under the larger ones. Do not use too much glue, just a little to hold the branches.

Then, decorate your photo frame with dacorativas flowers of fabric or any other material to give a natural look to your frame.



Having thousands of photos saved is tradition in any home. For that reason, we want to share with you one step by step to create a frame for photos or portraits with which you can show them and take them out of that old album.

  • To begin, take the wooden frame and paint it with acrylic paint. You can make figures or put several colors, everything goes in your creativity.
    2. When you notice that the frame is dry, take the wool or cabuya and tie it from side to side.

    Another option for this step, is to stick two bugs or pins one on each side of the frame and tie there the wool or cabuya.

    3. Take the photos and attach them to the wool with the help of the wooden hooks.
    Now you have a frame for very original photos in which you can frame special moments.
    What other ideas would you make with this framework? Share them under our comments!